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Slow Motion

Many of us do not jog, play football or go to the gym, but we are still on the move. We may take the dog for a walk, ride our bicycles to work or we are out playing with our children. This can be in all weathers, during all seasons. For this we require sturdy and durable clothing but maybe not sportswear. Therefore, we have developed a new range, which we call "Slow Motion" "Slow Motion" products are for you who are out and about and do not wish to get wet and cold. The products come with extra qualities but they do not look like sportswear. They are products that fit well and have functionality for that slow pace. There is nothing wrong with slowing down a little bit in an ever faster world but make sure you are warm and dry!


We present the best articles for you to go out and experience the Nordic feeling

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Börjesson offers a range of products to suit both occasion and leisure activities for all ages.
We have sports gloves, leather gloves, knitted mittens, knitted hats and Overlander - Australian leather hats, in different models.

Sports Gloves, Knitted Hats & Mittens for all ages

We use a high proportion of Natural Materials. For example Leather, Wool and Cotton wich you will see on the design.
Our products are created for the Nordic climate, by Nordic designers to withstand Nordic outdoor activities.

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